Roddy Frame, ‘Seven Dials’


Aidin Vaziri | Three decades on from Aztec Camera’s classic debut, “High Land, Hard Rain,” singer-songwriter Roddy Frame is still mining exquisite melodies and deep introspection. His first solo album in eight years, “Seven Dials,” shares a similar sense of economy and urgency. Love remains elusive while Frame remains hopeful, as he moves from bittersweet acoustic ballads (“Rear View Mirror,” “From a Train”) to knee-quaking ’80s throwbacks (“Into the Sun,” “On the Waves”). “Postcard,” the record’s most deliriously beautiful moment, finds our 50-year-old Scottish hero gazing across the Golden Gate Bridge while contemplating life and soft rock (“From San Francisco to Sausalito, where they started ‘Rumours,’ “) while conjuring a guitar solo straight out of “Oblivious.”