Pop Quiz: Bob Mould


Aidin Vaziri | Bob Mould is rocking out again with his latest solo album, “Beauty & Ruin.” Inspired, in part, by the death of his father two years ago, the former front man for the seminal hardcore band Hüsker Dü (and later, Sugar) found himself drawn back to noisy, bleeding heart rock. Now living in San Francisco, Mould, 53, recently released a memoir, was honored with an all-star tribute concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and became an acclaimed dance music DJ. We spoke to him during a tour stop in New York. He performs Friday at the Fillmore.

Q: Did writing the book put you in a nostalgic mood when it was time to make “Beauty & Ruin”?

A: I think there’s a stretch of the record where I’m really taking a personal look back — not that it sounds like Hüsker Dü, but there are a lot of sprightly numbers in there. There’s been a fair amount of reflection over the last three years, with the book and Disney Hall tribute and Sugar reissues.

Q: Is it weird to be celebrated while you’re still active?

A: For me, I still hear the mistakes. Those are the lasting memories. I guess that’s what keeps me making records.

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