Pop Quiz: Roddy Frame


Aidin Vaziri | Roddy Frame, best known as the driving force behind Aztec Camera, resumed his intermittent solo career earlier this year with a superb new album, “Seven Dials,” his first since 2006. The Scottish singer-songwriter also celebrated the 30th anniversary release of his old band’s landmark debut, “High Land, Hard Rain,” with a handful of concerts in Britain. But getting him back to the States is a different matter. In a recent conversation, Frame, 50, told us he has no plans to travel across the ocean — let alone make another album.

Q: You know, the main reason I wanted to do this interview is to persuade you to come back to the United States.

A: Well, fingers crossed.

Q: What’s it’s going to take? Just strap a guitar on your back and get on a plane.

A: Not that many people know me in America. Of the ones that do, some don’t like me.

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