Pop Quiz: Spandau Ballet

Spandau Ballet Press ShotsAidin Vaziri | Spandau Ballet kicks off its first American tour in three decades at the Warfield this week. With all five original members back on board after an acrimonious split in 1990, the British blue-eyed soul band is ready to revive the hits that defined the ’80s, including “True” and “Communication.” There’s also a new documentary, “Soul Boys of the Western World,” charting the group’s rise from extravagant New Romantics to mullet-sporting conquerors at Live Aid. Songwriter and guitarist Gary Kemp, 55, spoke to us from his London home.

Q: Did you know people were going to get all worked up over a Spandau Ballet reunion?

A: We went to South by Southwest in Austin last year for the world premiere of the film and had an incredible reaction from the press. That really surprised us. We know we have an enormous hit in America with “True,” but we have not been there in so long. We’re capable of doing arena tours everywhere else. We need to see how it goes.

Q: There was a lot of animosity within the band. Do you remember the moment you decided to put it aside to make the reunion happen?

A: I was mixing a video of us playing live in 1986, and it was the first time I watched the band in 15 years. I was blown away by the fun, the playing, the songs, the memory we shared together. We had a story that was so unique, and I couldn’t talk to anyone about it. There were terrible feelings. But I realized we made more good than bad, and we really deserved to be together.

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