Pop Quiz: James Bay

Q: You must get tremendous satisfaction from getting to come here and play a sold-out tour, considering the critics back home ravaged the album.

A: The way it’s been received is way more than I could have hoped for. People know all the songs. They bought the album. They sing along. It does mean more. Hype is just a bizarre thing. It’s never going to be quite as real as actual people showing up and singing your songs back to you.

Q: You’re playing small rooms on this tour, but you also toured with Hozier and played Hyde Park with the Rolling Stones. Where do you feel most at home?

A: Everywhere I am, I enjoy the show. I just want to go bigger with it. That’s my main feeling. It’s the greatest thing about the job. No matter where I play, I like to reach the people in the back of the room — make it feel like an event.

Q: What about when your hat starts getting its own seat in first class like Bono’s?

A: Let’s talk about it then.

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