Grace Jones at the Fox Theater


Aidin Vaziri | Grace Jones was only 30 minutes late taking the stage at the Fox Theater on Saturday night. That’s not bad for an artist who famously operates on her own time, in the past showing up for concerts some three hours after the scheduled start time, if at all.

Inside the ornate Oakland venue, the atmosphere felt like a pre-party for the Folsom Street Fair, with fans strutting around in leather and glitter. Several were dressed up like Jones clones, representing the singer through various phases of her career — from Studio 54 fixture to Bond girl in “A View to a Kill.”

But none came close to the real thing.

As the curtain dropped, Jones, 67, appeared standing on a small platform at the center of the stage, wearing a silver skull mask with feathers protruding from the top, an under-bust corset and a piece of linen billowing over the rest of her svelte figure, which was covered with nothing more than white body paint in a Keith Haring-inspired pattern.

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