Eliot Sumner, ‘Information’


Aidin Vaziri | If the name doesn’t exactly sound familiar, there’s no mistaking that furrowed brow — Eliot Sumner is the youngest daughter of Sting (né Gordon Sumner) and his second wife, Trudie Styler. On her solo debut, “Information,” the 25-year-old singer-songwriter is quick to establish her own identity while staying true to her family’s unrestrained creative spirit. She assertively lays her husky, androgynous voice over the insistent synthesizer rhythms of songs like “Firewood,” “After Dark” and the soaring “I Followed You Home,” all of which have an elegant, instant appeal. There are shades of her father’s work too, especially on the tracks “Species” and “Dead Arms and Dead Legs,” which sounds like an outtake from “Regatta de Blanc.” And why not? When everyone else with Fender Precision bass is trying so hard to capture that magic, it helps to have a direct line.