Sia, ‘This Is Acting’


Aidin Vaziri | Sia Furler may have helped write songs for superstars like Beyonce (“Pretty Hurts”), Rihanna (“Diamonds”) and Eminem (“Beautiful Pain”), but even she has delivered a few clunkers. On her seventh studio album, “This Is Acting,” the 40-year-old Australian singer-songwriter, who typically appears in public cloaked behind an oversize wig, proudly reclaims the songs that her famous clients rejected. Her voice, a helium-imbued rasp, is as distinctive as anyone’s, and she uses it to great effect to make the case for the soaring ballad “Bird Set Free” (originally intended for Adele) and the gently swaggering “Reaper” (turned down by Rihanna), but even Sia’s intrepid attitude can’t save a disjointed disco dud like “Sweet Design.”