The 1975, ‘I Like It When You Sleep…’


Aidin Vaziri | Matt Healy, the snake-hipped front man for the 1975, romps around like the love child of INXS’ late lead singer Michael Hutchence (seriously, where was he on July 8, 1988?). The Manchester band’s second album, “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It,” meanwhile, draws from a broader swath of 1980s radio. It mostly conjures the angular art-funk of acts like Talking Heads and Peter Gabriel (“Ugh!,” “Love Me”), but often the songs find a direct line to the modern age, tipping toward chart-busting R&B (“The Sound”), slow jams (“If I Believe You”) and cheeky pop (“She’s American”). The album’s brazen 75-minute running time includes some lackluster songwriting, but for the most part its tightly wound melodies and smartly self-reverential lyrics make the case for this being the 1975’s year.