Lapsley, ‘Long Way Home’


Aidin Vaziri | Signed to XL Recordings, the British label that propelled artists such as the White Stripes, Vampire Weekend and MIA, 19-year-old Holly “Lapsley” Fletcher is already tipped for big things. It helps that on her debut album, “Long Way Home,” she pairs of-the-moment electronic beats and icy pianos with a lush voice that evokes the chilling power of another label-mate, Adele. Musically, the songs Lapsley writes and self-produces operate in the same field as James Blake and London Grammar, marked out with warped vocals and odd rhythmic tics in “Falling Short” and “Station.” Its only drawback is its restraint, which makes even the album’s potential Top 40 ambassador “Love Is Blind” a tad too tasteful for its own good; while the soulful “Operator (He Doesn’t Call Me) is just waiting to be liberating in a live setting. Lapsley performs Wednesday, April 20 at the Independent.