Selena Gomez at SAP Center


Aidin Vaziri | There’s nothing more uncomfortable than watching a former child star make that scramble for adulthood. It usually involves shedding clothes, suffering a nervous breakdown or two and, at least in Justin Bieber’s case, getting bad facial tattoos.

But Selena Gomez, who brought her Revival world tour to the SAP Center in San Jose on Wednesday, May 11, isn’t having it.

Having come out of Disney’s star-making machine alongside Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato — both of whom bolted for the dark side the second they delivered their last contract-fulfilling obligations — the 23-year-old singer/actress/social media star seems to have skipped all the messy business.

Sure, there have been a few bumps in the road. She dumped her manager, who happened to be her mother; snagged a bikini-clad role in Harmony Korine’s sex- and drug-fueled film “Spring Breakers,” playing the good girl; and posed nearly naked on the cover of her latest album, “Revival,” which came out last year on Interscope.

In San Jose, Gomez was all charm and poise. She didn’t crumble any fan-made signs urging her to get back together with her ex, Bieber, but rather kept the focus on the music. Confident enough to open the hour-plus set with her best song, “Same Old Love,” she moved easily through the procession of grown-up ballads and sleek club tunes, singing, dancing and offering her young fans constant platitudes.

“Everything we’re looking for is inside of us,” she said, glittering at the edge of the stage. “You guys actually taught me that.”

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