Wild Beasts, ‘Boy King’


Aidin Vaziri | A few weeks ahead of the arrival of its new album, “Boy King,” Wild Beasts put together a mood board playlist on Spotify that included four hours of eclectic material from artists as wide-ranging as Brian Eno, Nine Inch Nails, Kanye West, Cocteau Twins and Justin Timberlake. Listening to the British quartet’s fifth and latest set, it all makes sense. The lush ’80s synths, jarring rhythms and layered vocals that have become Wild Beasts’ hallmark take on adventurous new shapes in songs like “Get My Bang” and the slowly spiraling “Celestial Creatures,” which features lyrical twists such as “The heavens hang heavy on you tonight/ Put on your big coat, your only hope, the only thing keeping your guts from spilling out.” By ignoring boundaries, the group has further honed a distinct sound it can call its own.