The Killers, ‘Wonderful, Wonderful’


Aidin Vaziri | With “Wonderful, Wonderful,” the Killers aim for reinvention and renewed relevance. The Las Vegas group’s fifth studio album — its first in five years — finds the band scaling back the Bruce Springsteen-scale pomposity that hampered 2012’s “Battle Born” and aiming for a dark pop vibe more in line with its breakthrough debut, 2004’s “Hot Fuss.” Sometimes it works. Songs like “The Man” and “Out of My Mind” are driven by sleek synthesizer melodies, while “Tyson vs. Douglas” swaggers forward on one of the band’s signature shout-along hooks. Sometimes, not so much. The actor Woody Harrelson reads Bible verses for the intro to “The Calling,” a Depeche Mode-lite stomper; while the closing ballad, “Have All the Songs Been Written,” finds singer Brandon Flowers contemplating life, “Send In the Clowns” style: “Has every ship gone sailing?/ Has every heart gone blue?”