Live Review: Sondre Lerche

Sondre Lerche at Slim’s on Saturday, May 29: Aidin Vaziri | During one of his typically lengthy anecdotes he declared, in clunky English, “Humans have come to stay.” He introduced another song, saying it was quite sad, then offered mathematical proof: “Sad times the amount of people living in the world. That’s really sad.” Hoping to get his fans to join in a sing-along during the encore, he proposed, “Let’s join all the races of the world to sing.” It was like watching a lounge singer on PCP…


Remix Cover Story: Felix Da Housecat

On the cover of the May 2004 issue of Remix Magazine: Aidin Vaziri | A Chicago native, Felix da Housecat knows his house roots, but his electro-funk take on dance music launched him into a league of his own as a DJ and producer. His new album, Devin Dazzle and the Neon Fever, keeps the funk on the floor. Felix talks to Aidin Vaziri about constructing his tracks and deconstructing his studio.

Mean Street Feature: Velvet Revolver

Read the Velvet Revolver feature in the May 2004 issue of Mean Street: Aidin Vaziri | Does anyone remember when Scott Weiland’s heroin problem got so bad that it became a legal problem and the Stone Temple Pilots got so pissed they just went off and got a different singer and started a completely new band? What was that called? Seven Mary Three? The Eagles? It doesn’t matter because now the exact opposite is happening. And by exact opposite we mean all the members of Guns N’ Roses except the crazy ones have started a new band with all the members of Stone Temple Pilots except the ones that weren’t so addicted to drugs…

May 23, 2004: Jena Malone, The Streets, Avril Lavigne, Keane and Joe Firstman

Aidin Vaziri | What’s new in the San Francisco Chronicle on Sunday, May 23? Well, there’s an interview with serious teen-star Jena Malone about her not-so-serious new movie “Saved,” a conversation with white British rapper Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, about his new concept album, as well as CD reviews of Avril Lavigne and Keane. Oh, and there’s also a great Q&A with young singer-songwriter Joe Firstman.

Pop Quiz: Joe Firstman

Aidin Vaziri | While Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes busies himself with buying bassinets and picking out wallpaper patterns, 24-year-old Joe Firstman is stepping up to give us our retro blues-rock fix. The North Carolina singer- songwriter released his premiere album, “The War of Women,” last year. And although it’s unfortunately not a concept album about mud wrestling, it did give him the opportunity to tour with Sheryl Crow, Jewel and Willie Nelson. He also got to collaborate with childhood hero Bernie Taupin, who is Elton John’s songwriting partner.

Joe Firstman

Q: What was it like touring with Sheryl Crow?

A: I’ve got to tell you, man, doing the big opening shows is great because of the mass exposure to people who wouldn’t know about your music otherwise. But I never considered myself an opening act. I’m a headliner. Personally, I prefer to headline for 15 people than open up for someone else in front of 3,000.

Q: Did you ever “accidentally” walk into her dressing room while she was taking a shower?

A: That’s a very odd question. No. I don’t know if that kind of stuff would have flown.

Q: You also toured with Willie Nelson.

A: The last time we were out he was actually in a lot of pain because he has carpal tunnel. He’s 71, though, so I’m in good shape.

Q: Did you ever “accidentally” walk into his dressing room while he was taking a shower?

The Cardigans, Alanis Morissette, Eric Idle

Aidin Vaziri | Sunday, May 16’s edition of the San Francisco Chronicle includes an interview about the “Life of Brian” revival with Monty Python’s Eric Idle, CD reviews of new releases by Alanis Morissette and British band Athlete, plus a Q&A with Cardigans singer Nina Persson, once voted the sexiest woman in rock.

The Cardigans

Q: You totally cleaned up this year at the Swedish Grammys.

A: Yeah, we kind of did. That was really nice.

Q: Was the competition stiff?

A: Oof! I don’t think it’s anyone you would know. The rest of the nominees were strictly Swedish artists. Do you know any Swedish bands?

Q: Do polar bears count?