Pop Quiz: Peaches

Aidin Vaziri | Never mess with a woman who wears a fake beard. Especially if she wears that fake beard on the cover of her latest album, “Fatherf — .” Peaches is a 36-year-old former music teacher from Canada turned gender-bending Berlin electro-punk star. Aside from sexually charged numbers like “Shake Yer Dix” and “Stuff Me Up,” her new record also includes a great duet with Iggy Pop called “Kick It.” We caught her on the cell as she was barreling across the country toward San Francisco — thankfully, from a safe distance.


Q: What’s your stage show like this time out?

A: Insane. I’ve got two dancers coming. (pause) Hello?

Q: Oh, I thought there was going to be more.

A: What do you need?

Q: You’ve got two dancers and what else?

A: And me. What else? What do you need? You’ve got me. I’m a f — virtual KISS concert on my own. I don’t think you need much more.

Q: But is there more if someone wants it?


Aidin Vaziri’s Greatest Hits: Disc One

Via Rock Critics Daily: I’ve linked to Aidin’s stuff (posted on his blog) in the past–and just to alleviate your suspicion, no, we’re not friends, and I’m not on his payroll–but after reading his Q&As with the rich, the famous, and the not-quite-there-yet, I feel small and hopeless (in a good way, of course!), and never ever want to feign interest in the presence of a musician again. Now excuse me while I go buy some stain remover. (Coffee stains, y’know.)

Tom Jones

Q: I didn’t even know you were into hip-hop now.

A: It all depends on what mood I’m in. I always listen to Top 40 when I’m in L.A. because I want to know what’s going on. So I might be singing with Nelly one day and singing with Norah Jones another.

Q: You can probably relate because your songs are all about sex and partying and big butts and everything.

A: You’ve got to sing stuff that people can associate with.

Leann Rimes

Q: Do you buy a dog every time you put a new record out?

A: No, but that’s not a bad idea.

Robert Plant

Q: I heard you were on a break-beat-techno-folk kick lately.

A: Who told you that?

Q: I just made it up.

Jack Johnson

Q: Have you ever had a job?

A: Yeah, I’ve had a lot. My first job was washing dishes at the local pizza restaurant. That was in high school. And then for three years I was the director of this surf and kayak camp for little kids.

Q: Wait, let me rephrase that: Have you ever had a job where you had to wear shoes?

A: I never had a job where I had to wear shoes.

Burt Bacharach

Q: Ron [Isley] looks like he smells really good.

A: Smells good? He’s really a good guy.

Q: Did he try to make you wear any leopard print robes?

A: Not really. We both wore sweats in the studio.

Ryan Adams

Q: From what I’ve heard, you like to celebrate your birthday every day.

A: From what you’ve heard I like to celebrate my birthday every day?

Q: I can’t open a newspaper without reading about you falling down drunk in a bar.

A: You can’t open a newspaper without reading about me falling down drunk in a bar?

Mandy Moore

Q: Can you hold your breath for a really long time?

A: No, that’s something that scares me more than skydiving. It freaks me out.

Q: I don’t mean underwater though. Like, if you’re watching TV.

A: Is that on your list?

Q: I want to hold it for four hours.

A: Oh my gosh.

Peter Cincotti

Q: You’ve been such a good boy for the past 19 years. When are you going to lash out?

A: How do you know I haven’t rebelled already?

Q: You’re too nice.

A: So you believe everything you read?

Q: Sure, why not?